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Let’s face it: these days, getting on an airplane is neither fun nor glamorous. Did you get the best fare? Did you get your preferred seating? Has your frequent flyer number been recorded? Is your plane on time? Let Thorndike Travel take the anxiety out of booking a fare through getting on the plane by making sure you get the very lowest fare possible, the seat you want, with all your preferences noted. Thorndike Travel will often beat the prices you find online or by calling the airlines directly. Doing a great job for our clients isn’t rocket science. But it does take a personal touch and a commitment to high-quality customer service to make the difference.

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     Travel Insurance


Here's a good way to ease your worries — four great reasons to get travel insurance. For more information or to enroll, please click here.






In the event of an emergency, there's some place for you to turn.


All travel can be stressful, but travel insurance and emergency assistance can help reduce that stress.


In case something does go wrong, the insurance will cover your trip investment, health and property.


24-hour worldwide assistance helps you in the event of a medical, legal or travel-related emergency.

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